Hagan was the home of the famous painter Christian Skredsvig.

Hagan is one of the best preserved homes of artists from the golden age of Norwegian art. The remarkable house is made up of several old buildings. Both the house and contents are in much the same state as they were while the artist lived. On the walls hang much of his own paintings and drawings and those of friends and contemporaries. The  unique collection contains about 150 works of art. Hagan lies high in the hills above Eggedal with a magnificent view throughout the valley.

The artists house is open for guiding every day from 12 – 16 in the season from june to sept, guidingtour every hour. It is also open for reserved groups before, after and during the season.

The new gallery was opened june 18 in 2016 and contains artwork by Christian Skredsvig. The gallery has new exhibitions twice a year, summer and winther. The opening hours of the gallery is from 11.00 to 18.00 in the summer season. The gallery is also open on saturdays in the winther season from 12.00 to 16.00. It will be closed from november to february.

In the old «stabbur» (storehouse), dated 1668 we have special souvenirs and reproductions for sale.